HL7802 - Using TCP for MQTT


I was wondering if on my HL7802 which does not support MQTT I can still use TCP to communicate with a mosquitto broker to send and receive data ?

I think theoretically you can do so:

I will study that, thanks :slight_smile:


So it is possible to use TCP to communicate with an MQTT broker. You need this documentation: mqtt-v5.0.pdf (1.8 MB) and maybe Wireshark to see your frames. You will have to make your MQTT request (frame) bit by bit so that the broker understands it then send it via TCP.
Try installing an MQTT broker on a server where you can see the detailed logs to see if your connections were successful.

Quick note, in my case, to establish a connection with my broker, the client had to send a CONNECT request with a large Keep Alive because my broker was not stable enough.