Bridge Function for AirVantage to AWS-IoT?


I’m hoping to learn about a bridge function to get from AirVantage into the AWS-Iot world.
The goal would be

  • keep mango app <-> AirVantage connection for obvious benefits (Fleet Management, OTA updates etc etc)
  • use AWS for back-end storage and further processing of mangOH - generated data

Ideally, if the data messages (from say redSensorToCloud), when they hit AirVantage, could trigger a MQTT publish message from AirVantage onward to AWS-IoT that would be easiest and cleanest.
Since AirVantage is a MQTT Broker and there is also a MQTT Broker at AWS, it seems like I need something similar to what Mosquitto calls a Bridge function.

AirVantage offers support for AWS Kinesis / Firehose, but my data, like that of “redSensor” is not really a stream, so Kinesis seems not appropriate.

Any suggestions?



AirVantage supplies several cloud connectors. One of them is MQTT which is another MQTT stream, not related to the MQTT Broker between the devices and AirVangage (not all MQTT broker features are available in this MQTTBroker).

Moreover, the Cloud connectors are a paid option so you may contact your sales manager to enable this option for you. Once this point is clear, you can process with the technical aspect by following the instructions in the relevant tutorial [1].