Managing Printer

Dear All,
Can we manage printer functionality using OpenAT commands?

PC has 2 interfaces,
1. PC is connected to GSM modem.
2. PC is connected to printer

Printer<-------PC------->Modem .......... GSM Mobile phone

From a GSM mobile phone i want to manage the printer functionality thru modem connected to PC.
ex: printing a document.
For this do we have any standard AT printer commands?


Clearly, the printer is not connected to the modem, so the modem can have no direct control of it!

You will need to write some software to run on the PC that will communicate with the modem and “manage” the printer.

Just like you currently have a keyboard and printer connected to your PC:


The keyboard does not control the printer, but software to running on the PC uses the keyboard to control the printer!


But the PC software would have to make use of the standard AT modem commands in its communication with the modem…

Thanks for your input.
But, how to initiate a print request from GSM mobile phone?
Does all GSM mobile phones support print command?
I saw Motorola V3i makes use of Bluetooth to initiate a print request.
But, I don’t want to use bluetooh.

I want to initiate a print request from GSM mobile which inturn talks to GSM modem connected to PC.


What, exactly, do you want to print?

  • a file that already exists on the PC?
  • something that’s on the phone?


Again, what did it print - an existing file on the PC, or something from the phone?
And, most importantly, what software had to be installed on the PC to do this?!

For example, i want to print SMS message which is stored in my mobile Inbox. And, printing images which are stored in the mobile.


OK - so you need to think about how this can happen, don’t you?

What are the steps that are going to be required to get the thing to be printed from your phone and onto the PC?

Once it’s on the PC, you just print as you would anything else that’s on the PC.

Do you have any experience in PC programming?
Do you have any programming experience at all?

Hi Awenil,
I’m new to mobile handset development.
So, not getting any idea how to send the data(sms, image) from mobile to PC.
Once i get it on my PC i know i can initiate a print request using lp command.
Appreciate your help in this regard.


What phone are you using?

There are standard AT commands for handling SMS messages, but images will depend on the phone - so you will have to read the Manual for the phone.

As far as I know, Wavecom don’t make phones - so this is not the right place to discuss the details of specific phones, I’m afraid.

Ok, Thanks for your input.