M2M Studio Eclipse Plugin


I am trying to install the M2M Studio Plugin to my Eclipse on my Windows XP-Pro 32-bit OS.

I tried several Versions of Eclipse…
3.5 C/C++ Edition (Galileo)
3.5.1 Java EE, C/C++ and the Classic Edition

As described on the Website (wavecom.com/modules/movie/sc … developers), I installed the Plugin.

After the recommended restart of Eclipse the Start-Screen shows up and few seconds later, the Standard-Windows-Errormessage occurs (“eclipse.exe has detected a problem and will be shutdown, send errorreport, send no errorreport” (I get this dialog in German, so the exact translation could be different, but it is the normal dialog of windows)).

Please give me some advices, where the problem could be located!



Did you try to use the provided installer rather than installing it over your eclipse?


Do you mean that “Open AT Software Suite” ??

Yes, the installation works.

But i tried out on several PCs and several Eclipse-Versions to enable the Eclipse Plugin, but without any success!!??


It sounds like an issue we have on Windows Vista: such an error box appears when you install M2M Studio plug-ins over an existing Eclipse. To workaround the issue, the eclipse.exe has to be launched thanks to Right-click -> Run as administrator