M2M Studio update URL fails

I put the url : wavecom.com/eclipseUpdates/m2mstudio

into my Eclipse IDE as a new remote updates site,
and tried to grab the plugin, but I get a “403 forbidden” response from the server :cry:

Has it moved?

It hasn’t move and is still available (cf. this morning snapshot attached)…
Please note that try to access to this URL through a web browser will lead to a 403 error since it is usable only by Eclipse.

Hmm . weird … I’m running Eclipse 3.2, but I tried 3.4 as well on another Linux machine, same problem

OS is Debian Linux, v5.0

Eclipse is Version: 3.2.2
Build id: M20070212-1330 (Debian version: 3.2.2-6


Eclipse 3.4.2 is mandatory in order to install M2M Studio plug-ins. Former versions are not supported. Please make the try with 3.4.2 version.

Hi I am also getting HTTP Error 403 from eclipse
I am running Eclipse Galileo 3.5.1(released last month)
and TDM MinGW 4.4.1-tdm-1
I would like to add the m2mstudio to my current eclipse enviroment
would it be possible?

Current M2M Studio release (1.1.0) is compatible with Eclipse Ganymede 3.4.2, and you won’t be able to install it over a Galileo platform.
Incoming release (1.1.1) will be based on Galileo.