M2M Installation / Selection of Product Family

When installing the M2M studio, I have to select the product family.
Does the SL6087 belong to Q26… or WMP…?
What makes the difference for the installing procedure, can’t the M2M studio being used for any of these product types?

New installer 1.1.0 (released two weeks ago) proposes a SL product family for installation; maybe are you running an older installer?
Product family selection globally prevents to install useless software WRT. the selected product (e.g. installing Developer Studio when you are working on WISMOs).
But all Open AT enabled products are similar, and the same software will be installed for WMP, Q26 or SL for example.

I used the “Sierra Wireless Software suite v2-33 Full Installer.exe”, which had no reference to the SL.
Thanks anyway for the info. at