M2106B - eDSoft firmware

Does someone still has ‘eDSoft_W302_v3.2’ or ‘eDSoft_W302_v2.10’ firmware for M2106B ?
I would thank him a lot if he could provide it to me.
(contact me by PM if appropriate).

Thank you.


I think the support for this product is over in forum. What is your use case? Maybe we can suggest you some other products based on your use-case


This firmware is the only way to solve the issue.

We need M2106B as spare parts for a quite old device designed by my company like 10 years ago. I have some modems but they do not have the right firmware for the device’ software. I don’t know why. The ones who designed the design have left the company. Nobody knows anymore. Investigating “why” would be way to costly.

If we can get this firmware, the modem could be replaced, the devices could be used a bit longer. If not, they’ll go to trash…