Lx60 to a Raritan KSX 2

hi, Donald
we meet the same question. we follows your steps to do. but we did no found where to set “usb uses public ip”
Could please give us guides in details? Thanks

Hi brent.tang,

Public Mode is Sierra Wireless terms, in which the AirLink device passes the WAN IP address to the router or laptop connected to it.

  • In this case, you can go to ACEManager → LAN → DHCP/Addressing → Set IP Passthrough to USB.

  • On tab Security → Port Forwarding, Set DMZ Host Enabled to Automatic.

Please make sure your sim card has a public IP.


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Hi, Jerdung

Thanks for your reply. I found that my SIM is not a public IP.
Also, Can i connect to ES450 to visit internet by USB Cable instead of network cable ? My OS is win 10 enterprise.

I only found Airlink USB Ethernet Driver of win 7. I have a laptop with win7 sp1. But i cannot install this usb-ethernet driver.

Could you please give me steps in details >

looking forwards to your reply.

Hi brent.tang,

You can download the driver here:

You can follow step-by-step instructions to install the USB driver in the latest Software Configuration User guide on page 118. You can get the latest doc here:

On ACEmanager-> LAN → USB, please make sure the fields named “USB Device Mode” and “USBNET Host WAN connectivity” are the same as the picture below:

After that, your PC can access the internet over USB with ES450.