Lx60 to a Raritan KSX2

Hi all, I’m looking to use a LX-60 to connect to via a Raritian Dominion SX2 ? I have the SIM provisioned and l want to do his to go via the LX-60 USB to hop onto the Raritan so I can ssh to it… Almost like using the a dialup line. I can get only the LX-60’s ACE manager page from over the LTE but that’s it… Can never past to the Raritan. I tried the 3 USB ports on the back and the single one in the front of the Raritan. nothing work. the main thing I did for the LX-60 was set the security section to be ‘automatic’ for ‘dmz host enabled’. Also created the ‘modem group’ in Raritan as per documentation… I have told by Sierria the Lx-60 is the new model of the ES450 so was hoping it can work. Any help will be appreciated.

one more thing to add, on the ‘LAN’ tab, ip passthrough is set to “USB”