GX450 remote communiucations

I am trying to connect to a GX450 sierra wireless modem via Ace Manager remotely, not directly.
This modem has an assigned static IP from Verizon.
I wanted to remotely connect to this modem on occasion and check status and remotely change parameters when needed.
When trying to connect via UDP with the assigned IP address of the modem, I get an error Unable to communicate with the specified host. Ensure that the provided address is correct and that the host is online.
The modem is however on-line, active and connecting to the internet.
I know Sierra has management program Air Link which we as an agency used to subscribe to when I managed a fleet of these GX450s.
This modem however is the only one that needs to be managed remotely now.
Will Ace manager communicate to a GX450 or does Sierra have another Com program that is available to manage 1 modem?
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Hi @rehsmj

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Did you enable remote access?

You can use https://ping.eu/ to check if the static IP from Verizon is actually working.
To config remote over celluar, go to ACEManager:

1.WAN/Celluar -> select priority First for Cellular
2. Services-> ACEManager -> Remote access: Both HTTP and HTTPS
3. Ensure Port filtering-Inbound and Port filtering-Outbound, Trusted IP lists are empty in ACEmanager->Security tab.
4. Apply all changes and reboot.

The Verizon SIM card assigns a wan IP to the GX450, using that IP to remote access GX450 acemanager (http://Mobile WAN IP: 9191)

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Thank you, yes it is pinging. I will look into the other setting via AceManager direct.