How do I connect to the lx40 remote control via GSM to configure it?

Hello! Could you help me? My client has a GSM router lx40 with SIM card and static ip, ping is present, but how can I go into the router settings? I have the need to remotely configure it.

Hi @denysyuryev
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By default remote access to ACEmanager is disabled for security purposes.
To configure remote over cellular, please access to ACEmanager:

  1. Services → ACEManager → Remote access: HTTPS only.
  2. Ensure Port filtering-Inbound and Port filtering-Outbound, Trusted IP lists are empty in ACEmanager–>Security tab.
  3. Apply all changes and reboot gateways.
  4. The SIM card assigns a WAN static IP to the gateway, using that IP to remote access ACEmanager (https://mobile WAN static IP:9443)