Lowering MTU on ES450


We have an ES450 with a Verizon GSM connection connected to a Raritan Dominian SX2 via USB. We are having in issue with Verizon only where larger packets aren’t making it. I was told by someone that the MTU needs to be lower then 1428. Is there any way of adjusting this on the ES450 or does it need to be done on the Raritan?


Hi Dave, while I can’t answer your answer , can u be so kind and give me some steps on how you setup the ES450 to connect to via a Raritian Dominion SX2 ? I’m using a LX-60 to try to attempt to do this but not working. I have the SIM provisioned and l want to do his to go via the LX-60 USB to hop onto the Raritan so I can ssh to it… Almost like using the a dialup line. I can get only the LX-60’s ACE manager page from over the LTE but that’s it… Can never past to the Raritan. I tried the 3 USB ports on the back and the single one in the front of the Raritan. nothing work. the main thing I did for the LX-60 was set the security section to be ‘automatic’ for ‘dmz host enabled’. Also created the ‘modem group’ in Raritan as per documentation… I have told by Sierria the Lx-60 is the new model of the ES450 so was hoping it can work. Any help will be appreciated.



I never used the LX-60. I can tell you that with the ES450 you need to configure it for pass through to the USB. You can test it by plugging the USB into your computer and seeing if you get an IP. Also it seems that there is no real advantage to using the USB over the RJ45 port. For this reason we have switched from using USB to RJ45. It still didn’t help with the MTU issue, Rartian should be coming out with a fix in the next few months.