LX 60 radio firmware

I have a LX 60 with radio module type WP7610 and I am unable to update the radio firmware. The current firmware is
SWI9X07Y_02.28.03.04 000000 jenkins 2019/06/05 10:14:36

When I try to update to the most recent radio firmware WP7610_02.37.06.00_VERIZON_002.107_000 (3) for verizon I get failed to mount.

Any help would be appreciated!

Hi gebsafety1 ,

Did you follow the steps to Update the ALEOS Software and Radio Module Firmware (page 27) in the 41114226_ALEOS Software Configuration User’s Guide 4.15.0 for the AirLink LX60_r1?
AirLink LX60 Series Software Configuration Guide
Please share the screenshot of the issue.

This is error I receive

Lx60 firware error.pdf (84.4 KB)