LX60 : upgrading from 4.11.1 firmware


I have a LX60 having the 4.11.1 firmware version and I want to upgrade it to the last firmware. The problem is the documentation says i need to first “Upgrade to 4.14 or 4.15” (and this is from ALEOS 4.13, no details given for older one) and I don’t find older firmwares on the website.

Can I upgrade the firmware directly ? It is not a problem is the device’s configuration is reset to factory defaults.

If not, where to find older firmwares and what are the upgrading steps I should make ? Is it 4.11 → 4.12 → 4.13 → 4.14 → 4.15 ?

Thank you.

Hi rmelior,

According to 41114378_ALEOS 4.15.3 Release Notes_r1.pdf

The 4.15 FW is the support release. So you can upgrade the firmware from 4.11.1 to 4.15.3 directly.