Lx 60 problem update

is there anybody who can help me with updating the lx 60

Version 2.0 - 024adaea69b74f8651f396ee803f2a0ce85fb9d3
Model LX60
RM WP7607
S/N WV83850022021002

cannot login cannot update
when i,m in pre configration it says apply template??? the device makes me crazy pls any help.

do not tell me to reboot or blah i allready did this 30 times!! just give me a solid solution
grtz renkie

Hi in6,

Currently, are you able to access ACEmanager which is described on page 33 of LX60 Hardware User Guide?

You can download LX60 Hardware User Guide here:



hey jerdung,
hanks for your mail, but i allready said i,m not able to use pasword on the back/sticker ,and not 12345
and when i use the
i see the site :
Upload package

select a file …

Gateway is in recovery mode. This may be due to a missing or corrupted ALEOS image, or a long press on the device reset button. You can either:

Attempt a regular ALEOS boot (press the device reset button or click on 'Reboot'); or
Browse and install a new ALEOS package by clicking on 'Update'

i douwnloaded the file lx_4.15.1.003.bin
when i try to upload this the system stays in de modes wait still i progress …

grtz rene

Hi in6,

Could you try to put the device in recovery mode again and select the file below to update?

The firmware update can take up to 30 minutes to complete. So please be patient.

In case your device cannot be recovered, please return it to your authorized reseller.


hey jerdung,
finally i was able to update the device to version 2.0(with simcard and network connected)
but i still unable to login with the given pasword behind on the device? is here a trick to login?
grt rene

hey jerdung
update 30-04
machine/device finally up and running yes!
thnx for your help
regards rene

here,s my config, is this ok, or need do i need some updates?

Device Model LX60
Radio Module Type WP7607
Radio Module Identifier GENERIC
Radio Firmware Version SWI9X07Y_02.25.02.01 000000 jenkins 2019/01/30 08:13:05
SKU PRI ID 9908044, 001.001
Carrier PRI ID 9907152, GENERIC_002.056_000
AT Serial Number WV83850022021002
AT Location/RAP Device ID Device ID Disabled
AT Ethernet Mac Address 00:14:3E:40:53:25
AT ALEOS Software Version 4.15.3
ALEOS Build number 003
Device Hardware Configuration 20271200000000000000000000000000
Boot Version
AT Recovery Version 2.0 - 024adaea69b74f8651f
MCU Firmware Version 02.08
MSCI Version 52
AceManager Template Name
Reset Configuration Name

Hi in6,

Your radio module firmware is not up to date. Please download the firmware from here:



Ciao ho il tuo stesso problema ma non riesco a risolvere.
Ho provato ad installare il file .bin ma nonostante mi riporti la scritta “installazione riuscita” appare la scritta riavvio in corso ma nulla piu’.

Resto in attesa,

Hi @sandro ,
Welcome you to our community!
If I’m not wrong, are you stuck at “Reboot in progress” as shown below?


If yes, please open a new tab then go to ACEmanager by the link and check if the ALEOS software is up to date.