LTE Support in UMTS SDK for Windows



I appreciate any pointers on the below…

I am using the UMTS SDK (SDK10_B3153) for Windows, with a 313U USB Adapter.

I am able to find LTE-related functions defined in SwiApiGsm.h (for instance SwiGetRsrpRsrq). However, I am not able to find a corresponding definition to actually put the modem into LTE mode.

Iwas hoping to find (in SwiStructsCm.h), definitions such as:

However, nothing of this type is defined – only the GSM, CDMA and UMTS variants of these.

Also, when I use the AT command !BAND to query the list of supported bands on AT&T’s rebranded 313U, I do not see any 4G/LTE option:
Index, Name
01, Europe 3G
02, North America 3G
03, Europe 2G
04, North America 2G
06, Europe
07, North America

Anyone know how I can put the modem into LTE mode?

Thanks in advance for any help.



Hi Warren,

Are you sure AT&T allow you to configure this? As you mentioned it is customized for AT&T… Maybe you can check with AT&T why your AC313U failed to register in LTE mode?



Hi Lotam,

Thanks for your reply. My problem isn’t that the device has failed to register in LTE mode, but that the SDK itself does not provide the necessary functionality for me to even attempt to do so. I also observe that I can not do so via AT commands either.

I have been informed that the current version of the SDK does not support putting the modem into LTE mode (although, curiously, a function for measuring LTE RSRP and RSRQ is provided).



Hi Warren,

Sorry for miss understand.

From !BAND response you mentioned, looks like no LTE options which maybe caused by the AT&T customization (?).
I don’t have that modem so I make such guess…

Anyway, if that’s not carrier restriction, you may find some hints for !BAND in AT cmd guide… :slight_smile: