LTE don't work with MC7354

LTE don’t work with MC7354.
I have try it with ATT and VZW firmware.
I use CMW500 to emulator LTE network band2.
Downlink channel as 900 Ch.
Cell bandwidth as 5MHz.

why LTE can’t work?

Check the band configuration and also the selrat

I think that the supported LTE bands depend on the carrier pri

Index, Name, GW Band Mask L Band Mask
00, All Bands, 000200000CE80380 0000000000010008

!SELRAT: 00, Automatic
I think GW Band support:
• 0000000000000080—G1800
• 0000000000000300—G900 (EGSM/GSM)
• 0000000000080000—G850
• 0000000000200000—G1900
• 0000000000400000—W2100
• 0000000000800000—W1900
• 0000000004000000—W850
• 0000000008000000—W800
• 0002000000000000—W900
But I am not sure LTE band.
MC7354 should support Band2, Band4 (AWS), Band5, Band13, Band17, Band25, this come from MC734 document.
I don’t know whether the return band for LTE is same with supportted bands?

Device can search WCDMA/GSM network only with ATT firmware.
Do I need change other firmware?

AT!BAND? indicate that only LTE band 4 and 17 are supported.