MC7305 LTE/HSPA+ High Temp.

We installed MC7305 modem in Mini PCIs slot of Fanless industrial gateway from Advantech. Modem reported always high temp. and disconnection after sometime. I would like to know if we can limit the modem to work only on 3G band we tried AT!BAND = 8 but it didn’t work.
currently AT!BAND? is giving 0 (all bands).

Anyone can help in this matter.

what is the output of AT!SELRAT?
If the RAT is set to GSM 2G mode, then you cannot change your band to WCDMA or LTE.

Make SELRAT to automatic, if its not and try to change the band.


Thank you Alex for your reply. We will give it a try.
However, do you think changing the band to 3G only will reduce the heat generated from the modem? Up to our knowledge, transmitting data packets over LTE resulted heat and thus high temp. in the modem.

Thank you.

Just wondering, what kind of error reported were you getting when the disconnection happened? I’m trying to understand how I can check whether I’m reproducing this issue or not.

The issue basically is that, modem seems it is working however no packets downloaded or uploaded. when we cool down the modem, it returns working normally.

By applying the command “AT!SELRAT=01” we still unable to transmit or receive data. It shows that the modem is connected to “3G” but it doesn’t transmit or receive packets.