MC7305 Jammed

we are suffering too much from MC7305 modem. We used the modem inside industrial gateway (miniPCi). Gateway is used for control system to transmit signals from remote sites “pumping stations”. It is working fine for sometime, let us say a week or less or more then suddenly stuck. To sort out the issue we have to visit 13 remote sites one by one and do the following:

1- Using hyper-terminal, we execute “AT!SELRAT=06” to set the connection to 4G
2- then we put the connection back to automatic using the command “AT!SELRAT=00”

after that the modem is working fine.

sometimes, we just restart the gateway, and everything then working fine (some sites)

it is very annoying and our client start loosing th trust of the product.

please if anyone can help in this regard.

highly appreciated.

what exactly is the issue? is the modem loosing network?
what FW version are you using? what is the use case?


I am afraid the info is not enough to analyze this issue, are you saying MC7305 de-registered or the data connection was dropped? Which carrier network are you using?

Are you able to repeat the problem with MC7305 plug to your PC?

Normally, log from MC7305 and gateway is needed to understand and find out the root cause.

Below AT response may help when issue happened:

Also, don’t hesitate to contact your Sierra FAE/Distributor.

[attachment=0]GW_IDLE.png[/attachment]I am not pretty sure about the actual reason but according to my observation might be modem loosing N/W and the reason behind that whenever the modem is in the suspended mode means unable to connect to the internet may be because of the operating frequency issue, so as the remedy you have to refresh the profile means delete the existing one and create the new one modem would be able to connect with the N/W or restart the gateway.

NO cause information avaialble