EM7305 LTE Issue in CentOS 7


I am having issues connecting to 4G LTE on the EM7305 when using CentOS 7. Currently only able to connect to 3G. However, if I install Windows 10, I am able to connect to both 3G and 4G without issues.

Please help!

can you reproduce the issue on Ubuntu?
Is the network manager or modme manager doing anything?
Are you using GobiSerial and GobiNet driver?

I can try on Ubuntu. Currently, only able to get 3G working and using driver S2.34N2.53.

OS shouldn’t have anything to do with NTWK acquisition.
Unless some app like modem manager is forcing the modem to 3G.
You can check the technology with At!gstatus? on the AT port.
Also get the APN with at+cgdcont? on Windows and Linux.
It is possible that Windows is using a different APN.

I tried running at commands through mmcli, but it says the opeartion is only allowed in debug mode. How do I go into debug mode?

Is there a way to use nmcli or mmcli to set the preferred mode or only allowed mode to 4g?