LS300 Firmware Update Timing Out

I have a LS-300 that has been identified by AT&T as being infected by malware. It is currently running AELOS software 4.4.1. I have been attempting to update the firmware on this device to but the process gets to step 3. Applying and never gets past that. Either it says that the “Unpacking Firmware Bundle Failed, please try again” or eventually the modem times out and when I log back in the process has stopped. I have also attempted to update while on-site and let this process run for over an hour with no success. In addition, I have attempted to get and 4.4.4.p05 to load onto this device and those as well have run into this same issue. I run 7 other modems in my network and all of them updated to 4.4.4 with out incident, but this one device keep failing.

Has anyone else seen this issue?

I have seen some firmware updates run very slowly. My updates have tended to fail when I leave the window where the update is taking place, even when I do so temporarily for a short time.

I have read this notice and it doesn’t address OP’s question at all. Can you elaborate further?