RV50X firmware 4.12 update

I am trying to update the firmware on an RV50X modem. I downloaded the bin file to a local computer on the network that the modem is attached too and have finished the Initialization and Uploading stages but the Applying stage is taking 10 plus minutes. How long does a firmware update normally take? Going from 4.12 to 4.13.

Hi @rsyoung,
Please provide more details for below items to understand your situation

  • Did you upgrade Aleos only or both Aleos and Radio FW?
  • Which connection did you use for upgrading? Lan ethernet or USB?

I tried to follow your process on our RV50X. It took about 4-5 mins for Aleos-Radio upgrade. Note that, If you upgrade the gateway via ethernet, the rate of process will base on your network. Using USB connection to upgrade is faster since the gateway is directly connected to your machine
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I was upgrading Aleos via ethernet. The browser screen did not show when the upgrade was finished, I guess you have to watch the status lights on the unit to tell when it is done upgrading?

Hi @rsyoung ,
The browser will be back the ACE Manager login page after the installation completed. The upgrade process will be faster if you use USB connection

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