LS300 - All 4 solid green lights

Hi forum,

I’ve used the LS300 for very basic data transfer from remote data loggers. Last week two of the four modems in a particular area went offline. I went to visit and saw that all 4 lights were solid green. I restarted the power and they returned to four solid lights. I tried to restart the modem using the restart button being pressed for 10 seconds and after a few quick flashes, all four lights returned to green solid after about 3 seconds.

I am also unable to connect to the modem using the AceManager for both the default IP address and then IP had previously set.

The sims being used are static fixed IP sim cards and I am unable to ping them from another device confirming they are offline and the solid green lights are not true indication of a connection.

It looks as though the modem has an issue but i’m baffled. It seems strange that two went down at the same time. Any advise would be appreciated.

To add to my question and provide more information. I am unable to connect directly the LS300 either. I have held restart for 10seconds to restore factory settings. When connected directly to the laptop via ethernet I am unable to connect to My laptop fails to obtain the correct IP settings as well. I have manually set the device IP address, subnet and gateway to match that of the 192.168.13… but still cannot access AceManager through the web browser.

It seems like the modem is dead but its strange for both of them to be dead wiithin a short a period of time.

Hi Damien,

Not sure if you have found any answers. I have 3 units which did the exact same thing last week. So basically I have 3 - $500 paper weights sitting in my office.

I’m wondering if the ISP did an update creating the problem with the LS300 firmware. There was a update bulletin from 2014 that indicates this issue if the firmware wasn’t updated. Basically if all 4 LED’s show green send back to factory for repair.

They advertise a 3yr warantee, wondering if covered. If not, not worth repairing. IMO
ALEOS Technical Bulletin - LS300 A4.3.5 - v1.1.pdf (214 KB)

Hi Jamekoy,

Strangely, I have one of the LS300’s still working and it’s on the same network as the others. I’m guessing I’ll need to send back to manufacturer then I suppose. I was hoping there would be a definitive answer for the problem, but it seems I’ll have to cover the costs of shipping and lost time by sending back to Sierra Wireless.

Have you managed to communicate with the modem to change the settings or update the firmware. I am unable to load AceManager in the web browser with either the default IP address or the one I had set originally.

Hi, I have the same problem. 4 solid green lights and I can´t connect to the router. These routers aren´t on warranty so I dont know how I can solve the problem.

My support told me that if they aren´t on warranty they can´t do anything because there aren´t any solutions.

Did you solve the problem? or do I have to buy new routers?


Please check the security bulletin:

If it’s exhibiting the same behavior as outlined in the bulletin, the units can be returned either to the re-seller or directly to Sierra Wireless.
Sierra Wireless has been in contact with their re-sellers regarding this issue, and there is a fix in place to resolve the issue.

Unit RMA:

You can let me know the serial number, I can have the appropriate re-seller contact you.