LS300 Network Link Down

I have 10-20 LS300s that I am planning on deploying for GPS data. I am using them to create VPN links back to my office.

After configuring them and getting them running with my prepaid ATT sim card with everything working just find I do a reboot and the modem come back with a Network Status of “Network Line Down”. And it doesn’t matter what I do I can’t get the network to come back. Ive tried doing a reset to default, and hard reset by pushing the button.

I am running Aleos software 4.3.3b.015.

Has anyone else run into this and have you found a solution?

Im going to try a fw upgrade and see if that fixes it, but Im skeptical.

Does issue happens on different LS300?

I am not familiar with LS300, but seems like there are some known startup issue on software version you mentioned.

Kindly check the doc and procedure mentioned here:

Also, is it possible for you to contact your local distributor/FAE in order to solve this issue easier?