Linux QMI SDK Software On Ubuntu 14.04

Hello Everyone,
I trying to build Linux QMI SDK executable on Ubuntu 14.04 with the help of procedure given in … -1,-d-,21/
But stuck at the section 4.1.1, well there is no file name pkgs.mak in pkgs directory of SDK software. Do anybody know where I can get those files or procedure to successful building of SDK executable on Ubuntu?


To rebuild the SDK you need the source code of it (obviously) which, pkgs.mak is part of, this is not publicly available as it could easily be modified to work with any Qualcomm based modem and not just a SWI one, it is why it is supplied with pre-built images for the most common architectures (/build/bin//slqssdk in the downloaded package). This is not made clear in the documentation.

If you have good reasons for needing it then you need to outline these to your support channel to see if they are able to get it for you.