Not able to find pkgs.mak for Building SDK of MC7430

I am trying to build SDK executables with the instructions given in user guide Linux QMI SDK Application Developers Guide Rev1.26_1.
I followed each steps. I build GobiNet and GobiSerial present in S2.36N2.55.
In section 5.3…1.1 steps to build the executable is given :

cd pkgs
make -f pkgs.mak complete

I am not able to find this pkgs.mak
Please let me know if something is missing from my side.

Hi @kumaris, to build the SDK you will need the SDK source. Please reach out to your Sierra Wireless contact if you need the SDK’s source code.
For compiling applications, you do not need the SDK source code. You can refer section “ MC7xxx Image Management Sample Application”

Hi Joseph,
Thanks for your quick response.
As per your suggestion I build the SampleApps/MC7xxx_Image_Management and trying to execute as below:

sudo ./bin/mc7xxximgmgmthosti686 …/…/build/bin/hosti686/slqssdk

But getting the below error.

Error: Mandatory SDK path not set \

please suggest.

You’ll have to provide the SDK path using the -s switch.

Thanks joseph for ur reply, just a question:
I was trying to set up a simple data connection over the MBIM interface using libmbim and driver cdc_mbim in Linux.
I was following steps from

There is one step:
/mbim-set-ip /dev/cdc-wdm0 wwan0

When I was trying to execute above step, I was getting below error:

ip link set wwan0 down
ip addr flush dev wwan0
ip -6 addr flush dev wwan0
ip link set wwan0 up
Cannot find device “wwan0”
Device “wwan0” does not exist.
Device “wwan0” does not exist.
Cannot find device “wwan0”
Network interface configurations completed.

Please let me know the reason.

The Sierra Wireless drivers do not support MBIM interfaces in Linux. You can switch the modem to RMNET modem using that AT!USBCOMP command and use the Connection Manager sample application that is provided in the SDK to setup a data connection. Thanks.