Issues with EM7511 4g connecting?

Got two Getac S410’s that are giving me a VERY hard time. Other Getacs seems to be fine, but these 2 are used by 2 3rd shift users and they say that they hardly are ever able to connect to our Verizon 4g.

I had them leave their laptops several times and I have gone through Getacs uninstall and resintall of the getac utility, HID event filter, and EM7511 driver. After doing this it always works for me all day. I then shut the laptop down and when they come on 3rd shift they say there is no SIM card detected.

I stopped in one night on 3rd shift and I did see that the issue seemed to happen when you did a full shut down, and then started the laptop back up. For some reason the cellular would not enable, and you had to do another restart to kick it on. I went into device manager and shut off the “allow this pc to turn off the device to save power” and also turned off selective suspend.

Things seemed to work for a couple days but now they are emailing me again saying it is not conencting or detecting the SIM card. But then another day it seems to work fine.

Has anyone else had these frustrating issues with the EM7511?

could it be a SIM card problem?

You can type the following to get more information:


Do I type that into the cmd line?

if you are using windows, you can use tera term to open the modem port for AT command communication