EM7355 Connectivity Issues


I am hoping someone can shed some light for me on an issue that’s been ducking me for about a year now. We have a fleet of Getac F110 devices using the EM7355. We have opted not to use Skylight because it’s not machine configurable and we have multiple users logging into the device. It was more intrusive to try and accomodate setting user parameters such as not having the application load at startup and we had more problems with users closing the app and killing the connection.

The issue we see is with maintaining the connection. Often users will roam in and out of coverage, but the connection does not come back. In most cases, under the Windows 7 wireless connection, the Verizon Wireless connection is gone and the only way to recover is to reboot. Othertimes, it wont auto connect and the users are rebooting to reestablish the connection.

Has anyone else experienced this behavior? And or can someone share of a way to maintain the connection? Preferably programaticallty as we batch build our devices.
Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


So the issue is in registeing the module to particular network or in data connection?


It seems to be a little bit of both. When users cold start, there doesn’t appear to be a connection even though I could be logged into another similar device and it’s fine. Also, the connection will bounce all day long in well established cellular areas.

The VZ connection in Windows doesn’t even show up. When I use the netsh command, it shows no adapter available. When it finally shows up, it takes a few minutes to register. It will then lose connectivity for varying amounts of time during the day.

The second and maybe in correlation, when there is a valid connection, no data will transverse over that connection even though VZ shows it as connected.

Almost sounds like there is some interference somewhere? We disabled IPv6 and that helped for a little bit, but I suspect maybe just a bandaid.

Also, if I connect a MiFi on VZ, it works flawlessly. That leads me to also believe hardware or maybe some windows setting internally for the GOBI?

Here are some screenshots of the VZ Profiles I mentioned where it completely disappears. Wondering is maybe related to the profile that’s being created?

This can be due to many reasons like low signal strength modem is searching for network, issue with network etc.
To know the exact case we have to analyse the logs. I will recommend you to raise a support ticket with the help of your reseller/distributor.