Issues when using XP1 and XP2 Cellular Interfaces at the same time (XR90 Router)


I am using an XR90 Router in the research domain. We use a non-public 5G network and want to use the Sierra Wireless XR90 Router as two Access Points for the 5G communication.

Following setup:
Two devices (Dev1 and Dev2) listening on two different TCP Ports (Port 1 and Port 2) and are connected via Ethernet to the XR90 router. Another PC (third device) connected to the 5G core via Ethernet runs two similar applications. Application 1 tries to connect to Dev1 via Port1. Application 2 tries to connect to Dev2 via Port2. Identical Applications and identical devices used. Port Forwarding is set up accordingly (Port 1 → IP Dev1 and Port 2 → IP Dev2). Now the issue:
If Application 1 addresses the IP address of XP1 and Application 2 addresses the IP address of XP2, only one application can establish the TCP connection. If both use the IP address of XP1, it works. If both use XP2, it does not work (except XP1 is disabled).

The question: Is it possible to use both Cellular Interfaces at the same time, or are there any limitations causing by issues?

Kind regards