XR80 drop out

I have 4 xr80s, two in the box (never used). The one site we are working on is the primary location for SCADA server. The XR80 is on a private apn. It works great for a week or two then goes to roaming. We are using a T-Mobile private apn. We are using the 10 in 1 dome antenna (pn 6001354). We have tried two of the XR80s in this location and it does the same on both. The location is stationary. The tower can be observed by eye. I have forced the XR80 to use LTE and the same happens. We replaced it with a LX60 (uses LTE instead of 5G) and it is working fine. Any ideas?

Hi @dgary,

  1. Please make sure that you have attached the antennas to the device.
  2. What version of airlink OS is XR80 running? If it is not the latest airlink OS, please update it to the latest version and recheck if the issue still occurs.
  3. Can you try again with a SIM card from a different network provider to see if the issue persists?
  4. Additionally, please go to System > Logs > Log level of Cellular and select Debug. Share with me the Regular logs, Audit logs, and the Template file for analysis.


The routers were using a 10 in 1 dome and all antenna connections were connected for both. The first router AirLink OS 4.0.23 and the second AirLink OS 3.1.24. Trying a different network provider is out of the question now. Two weeks ago that was possible but not now. The routers are moved to a non-critical uses at the plants. Did have to force all to LTE instead of 5G for reliability. They currently are using internet connected sims instead of private apn. I did do log level of Cellular and selected Debug. No templates are used or created. Will work on getting the rest of the logs. At this time for us the XR80 is not reliable enough for us to use on the SCADA.
20230621100003_log.zip (1.5 MB)

XR80_Logsā€¦zip (360.4 KB)
Audit and Regular logs