Is it possible to repurpose V4221-S from Sprint to Verizon

Hello Everyone. I have recently come across a plethora of V4221-S Airlink Raven Cell Modems. I have done some research but have been unable to get much info. What I am wondering is if it is possible to repurpose or reflash a Sprint Cell Modem to work with Verizon. I have already upgraded the firmware to the Verizon firmware and attempted to activate it on the Verizon network but have had no luck at all. I notice on the Status Screen there is a *NETOP indicator that always shows Sprint as the carrier. Is there a way to change this with an AT command? Where I am at Sprint has hardly any coverage so without being able to flash these modems they are useless. Which is why I am sure there are hundreds of them for sale for next to nothing. Thanks in advance for any info.

Can not be reflashed, you will need to get a Verizon specific modem.