Raven XE Module Changes

This is likely a dumb question but since the Raven XE is enterprise spec hardware there is little information on it. Is it possible to swap the module in the Raven to change the carrier support? We have a couple Raven XE’s that ran on the Verizon CDMA network and are looking to switch them to Canadian providers that use GSM. Can the casing just be opened and the Cellular module be changed to one with the preferred GSM HSPA or LTE support since there is still a SIM module on the board?

Hi Chesser45,
The RavenXE is a legacy device, but it uses the CDMA-based cellular technology. So, Verizon and Sprint use CDMA.
Per the RavenXE instruction looks like it doesn’t use the GSM only CDMA.
Major carriers Telus and Bell are decommissioning their CDMA services. Telus announced a complete shutdown by January 31, 2017. Bell will be gradually phasing out their services over the next couple of years.

You’ll need to upgrade to newer devices that will support the GSM. Or, keep it on Verizon.


I have a Raven XE running on the Rogers network using a SIM to get HSPA+ speeds. My question is it seems that the only difference between the ones made for the CDMA network is the Cellular card which is removable. Both have sim slots. Thus can I just purchase some more of the GSM cards and call it a day or do I just need to install the different firmware?

The Raven XW as jismail pointed out is EOL. Changing out the radio module will not change the network or technologies it supports.

Your best bet is to leverage the credit value of your existing device while replacing it with something new. Check out http://sierrawirelessupgrade.com/ and contact a vendor to get a quote.

Checkout the RV50X for your application as it contains the same interfaces as the Raven XE, plus USB.