Is it necessary to use both SMA RF antennas on a GX440/ES440

The GX440/ES440 (LTE) utilizes 2x2 MIMO technology. MIMO equals Multi-In/Multi-out and is designed to improve the cellular signal and quality on both the down-link and up-link. MIMO for LTE works differently than Rx Diversity in that it utilizes 2 distinct Tx and Rx signals which are intelligently combined to increase throughput where signal multipath is available. MIMO will increase throughput in areas where interference would otherwise cause throughput degradation. Our recommendation is that 2 antennas be used for optimal performance. A single antenna may be used, however with one antenna you will not receive full MIMO benefits and your antenna performance may not be optimized. It is up to the user to determine if two antennas are beneficial, as multi-path is determined by local topology. There is no option to turn MIMO off in the GX440 since MIMO is a requirement of LTE.

We are using GX440s with a Rocket Utility antenna that has a single Verizon connection mounted on the roof along with a GPS and WIFI leads. What should we do with the diversity MIMO interface? Can we plug a small stubby antenna into it even though it will be inside the vehicle and not roof mounted? At his time we cannot run new antennas to the roof since we did not realize 4G required dual antennas and the antennas were supposed to be for 4G modems.