EM9191 Throughput with 2/1 Antenna


Is it recommended to use 2 ( Main and Aux) or 1 (Main) Antenna with EM9191 Module ?
What will the loss in functionality and data throughput with 2 or 1 Antenna.


did you check the antenna RF technology support table in PTS?

I think you must need to have Main antenna for TX.
You might also need AUX for GNSS.


Thanks for response, Yes I have checked the RF technology support tab.
What will be the degradation in throughput without MIMO1 and MIMO2 antenna ?


Some ENDC combination does not need these two antennas.
(e.g. If the downlink frequency is below 1G Hz, it is considered to be low band which will only use Main and AUX antenna.)
But for the actual degradation, you might need to do a real test to measure