Antenna diversity AT command help

I’m looking at doing some testing with just two antenna connections on my em9190 with AT&T. i beleive i need to input the command below, but concerned if this will leave main, and aux enabled for both lte and 5g.

AT!RXDEN=0 to enable just priamry (does aux still work?)
AT!RXDEN=2,2 to enable aux as primary (means only aux works?)

I am unsure i have the syntax correct, because the first option shows as below
<WCDMA/LTE/NR5G flag> (Component carrier ID)

I’d like to test having just main and AUX connected, and not mimo 1 or 2

any help is appreciated, thanks!

Hi Jgsieve1 ,

You can configure AT!RXDEN=2,2 for main and AUX connection only, not MIMO 1 or 2. Please note: reset required to apply changes.

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