Information on EM9191 MIMO

Hi everyone,

Looking at the Technical Specs of the EM9191, it has 4 antenna slots (Main, MIMO1, MIMO2, Aux).
Does this mean if I have a 2x2 MIMO antenna across MIMO1 and Aux or Main and Aux, I will not achieve 2x2 MIMO?

Is the Aux antenna just for spatial diversity where it samples the signal but does not process it?

I’m not an expert and I have been doing research on my own to understand how MIMO works and if there is a difference in Main and Aux antenna types. From my understanding, the Main antenna processes the signal whereas Aux just samples.

Also, what is MIMO1/2?

Any help would be much appreciated.


Hi @daryll ,
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LTE/Sub-6G/GNSS connectors:
Main: Primary Tx/PRx path for 3G/4G/5G (except for n41)
Auxiliary: Diversity Rx (except for n41) and GNSS L1
MIMO1: MIMO1 Rx Path and n41 TRx
MIMO2: MIMO2 Rx Path and n41 DRx and GNSS L5

More details about the antenna, you can refer to Section A - Antenna Specification on page 79 in the link below: