MC8790 Diversity - Questions on physical configuration

I am still working with a considerable inventory of these modules. We are using them for M2M communication and GPS location. There are a few which are only being used for the M2M communication. I note that these don’t have ANY antenna nor a dummy load on the AUX port (GPS as I understand it). The others have a power injection circuit and then an antenna with LNA that is for the GPS band on the AUX port.

My questions are:

[]Does the second connector have to have a 50 ohm terminator if it is not in use?[/]
[]Does the lack of a 50 ohm terminating resistance on the AUX port significantly effect the cellular function?[/]
[]For diversity reception, would I simply use a second cellular antenna on the AUX connector?[/]
[]Is there a software command I have to use to enable diversity reception?[/]
[]Can diversity work with the power injector circuit and GPS antenna on the AUX port?[/]
[]Should we perhaps be using a cellular multiband antenna instead of a GPS specific antenna on the AUX port?[/]
[]Does the use of a combined dome antenna with both cellular and GPS antennas in one location still do diversity reception? If not, how far apart should the antennas be for reasonable diversity performance?[/]
[]Is there a hardware document available for these devices, which likely answers many of these questions?[/]

Thanks in advance for any information that you can provide. I do understand radio technology being an E.E.T. and an Amateur Radio operator at the Advanced level in Canada, so keep that in mind when formulating your answers.