EM7455 and EM7565 disabling diversity in production designs

Reference to EM7455 and EM7565

These modules contain three antenna RF connectors, (1) main (Rx/Tx), (2) GNSS, and (3) auxiliary (diversity/MIMO/GNSS))

The question is, as it is possible to disable the Diversity Antenna using an AT command, in real world applications, does the module remain compliant with a single LTE antenna and disable auxiliary? The TX is only using port 1, so we have no intentional radiator compliance issue.

Obviously, the benefits of receive diversity is understood, however in some situations, a single LTE antenna is practically more desirable.

The EM7565 makes a comment that ‘LTE networks expect modules to have more than one antenna enabled for proper operation. Therefore, customers must not commercially deploy their systems with the diversity antenna disabled’. However, if you use the AT command to disable the aux 2nd antenna, then surely this paragraph is not applicable?

Use of auxiliary diversity LTE antenna, (a) can be disabled in commercial designs. (b) manufacturer recommended, or © manufacturer mandatory?