Is brew a possiblility for this module

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I’ve read that this module supports brew 2.1, but I’ve also been told that it doesn’t support brew & that wavecomm is developing an open at for this. Is a newer version of brew an option also with a newer firmware?

I’m wondering what my development options are on this module (brew, open at, other), and if anyone has any recommendations for what might be the best development path - (our app would like to make a tcpip connection & basic sms messaging, though optional bells & whistles might be nice down the road).

Also is there a minimum firmware that would be needed for these?

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The Q2438 V6 has a built in TCP/IP stack (different to the Plug-In available on Wavecom GSM series devices). Brew is included in the Qualcomm chipset but not available as the certification is handset orrientated and not so useful for the M2M markets. However, Wavecom is currently studying options for delivery a CDMA device that could offer Open AT Application execution. Watch this space in 2008!