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I’m trying to connect my Arduino Mega serial to my MangOH Yellow. The Arduino Mega is connected with his USB-B port to the IoT Card on the MangOH Yellow. How to read the USB Pinout (pin 2 - 3) with the IoT Card on the MangOH Yellow?
I tried it with UPS without any result.
Iot Card:

Hi Lukas,

I would try connecting the mangOH Yellow serial connection to a computer USB , use a serial terminal emulator to send data to the mangOH Yellow via the (ioT Card) USP service and see if that works. Could you describe what pins on the iot expansion card you are wired to?


Hi David,

Thanks for your anwser! I will try. The pins where i’m wired to are:
Pin 1 = Red cable, V+
Pin 2 = Green cable, D+
Pin 3 = White cable, D-
Pin 4 = Black cable, GND