MangOH Yellow Energiya board no input

I have connected my Energiya board on my MangOH Yellow. I see this in Octave. When i connect a power supply to try my inputs i get no value. It stays on 0.

AI4: +5V
C: -0V

These are my settings for the board.

Hello Lukas,

So you have the Universal converter card with the 4 input addon (option 1)? Is this the 18 pin or 20 pin card?

The addon is configured for input 4 to receive 0 to 10 Volts from it’s source and sample every 5 seconds.

Does the input4 LED light come on when you apply power to input 4?

Hi David,

The LED doesn’t light up when i apply power. Where do you see if it is the 18 pin or 20 pin card?
Thanks in advanced!

The LED for each input is on the Energya Board. See attached, Page 2.
manual_addON_4i_v2.pdf (588.1 KB)

Hi, I did’t mean the addon. I’m using the board itself without the addon. Universal Converter + Card - Energiya This is the card i’m using.

Unfortunately we support Universal Converter + Card by Energiya only on FX30 for now.
Please check Octave Edge Devices for the list of supported device with Energiya cards.

Maybe I spoke too fast, it should work if you compile, install and start Energiya drivers on your mangOH.
The Octave FX30 comes with a pre-installed version of the Energiya drivers.