Modbus does not work with Enegiya board

I’m trying to read modbus from a device which also has a RS485 connector. When i try to install the energiya app there are no error’s. When i look into octave there is no energiya resource:

When i go into my Mangoh Yellow using putty and run “app status” i see the app "Energiya "

I configured my modbus in the “services” tab.

After that wen i’m going to look into my resources. There is no data from the modbus.

Where is the problem? And how can i fix it?
Thank you in advanced!


Which device are you using ?

WIth the Energiya RS-485 card you don’t need to configure the Energiya service in Octave as the card handles protocol 485 to UART conversion without any need for a specific configuration

I would first recommend you to set a timer different than 0 for the default modbus polling timer (Set 10 for instance in your case). Are the adresses starting at 0 on your modbus device ? Some devices have an offset where 1st register starts at 1