Internet Plug in Enabled?


Hi, I am working on a Q2687H. I try to connect to the internet and use the ftp but all i get is errors.

I looked at the forum and i guessed that it is not enabled. I contact with my distributor and he asserts that the internet plug in is enabled in all it’s modules.
I run the “at+wcfm=5” command and it response “+WCFM: 00000038,0”. I am not sure but from all i have understand so far this code does not indicates that the plug in is enabled.

Does anyone knows for sure what this hex code(+WCFM: 00000038,0) means?

Thank’s beforehand


The AT Commands Manual tells you for sure what it means - it is a bit-map of the features that are enabled:

  • 1 indicates that the feature is enabled;
  • 0 indicates that the feature is disabled