Ensuring that plug-in is enabled


I have Fastract Xtend using firmware R7.4a. I can not connect to GPRS using wip plug-in functions. WIP_BEV_CONN_FAILED error code received. The code works OK with Fastract Supreme modems so i think there is something about Xtend. First i want to ensure that the internet plug-in of the module is enabled. How can i learn that?




See also: https://forum.sierrawireless.com/t/wip-beareropen-returning-wip-berr-bad-state/3517/12


I get the following response from my xtend.

+WCFM: 0066,0

I look at the AT commands user guide but i can not find the 0066 meaning. What does this response show?

Can anyone execute the command on a fastract xtend and post the response here? Because i have only one Xtend sample rigth now.


It’s a bit-map - the AT Commands manual tells you what each bit means.

That would tell you nothing!

The Commercial Features are (or should be) set according to what you ordered from your supplier - so you should be speaking to your supplier to ensure that they sent what you required.


+WCFM: 00000001,0

That means Internet Plug-in (01) is activated. So my problem must be something else.

Just to remind you, I get WIP_BEV_CONN_FAILED value and can not connect to GPRS. I read WIP_BOPT_ERROR value. It is -36 (gprs set up failure). The error code does not explain anything.

Then what should i check next?

Thank you.


[size=150]You should speak to your supplier.[/size]

Then, See the link I gave earlier - check the Traces