InMotion oMG2000 sending Not Valid GPRMC

The GPRMC sentences coming over the serial link from a 2000 series InMotion onBoard Mobility Gateway system consistently have a mode indicator of ‘N’ (Not Valid) yet a Status value of ‘A’(Active).


The rest of the data in the sentence also looks good but resources online indicate we should ignore sentences with a mode indicator of ‘N’: “The value can be A=autonomous, D=differential, E=Estimated, N=not valid, S=Simulator. Sometimes there can be a null value as well. Only the A and D values will correspond to an Active and reliable Sentence.”

Should we be using a different interpretation for these devices?

Is there configuration that we should do/check? Or an initiation string we should be sending to the devices?


OMG modules are out of this forum scope. You can contact your distributor/reseller for proper technical assistance.