Independent data collecting app using GL6100

Hi. This is my first post on forum. I could not find out where to post general questions, so here we go…

My application has to gather data from an old custom industrial device (70´s build), with an old custom protocol that runs on a serial connection - and them send that data to my server using a wireless GSM network.

This old protocol basically supports queueing the device for new data (where in turn it returns either NODATA or a DATA STREAM) and issuing commands (RESET, PARAMETER SETTING, ETC). I have the protocol and developed already a wired version of it. My development environment is C++ (Visual Studio 2008 at that time).

My hardware pick was a Sierra GL6100. Cheap, small, programmable and flexible, ordered in Amazon for testing. I got the box, powered on and starting using AT commands pretty fine.

Later I´ve installed Developer Studio on my Windows 7 PC and started finding out how to build my first C++ program that would read from serial and send using TCP/IP Socket through GSM.

So, at that point I got stucked and with doubts about my application. Here are my questions:

a) After installing Dev Studio I cound not find my GL6100 device either as a target or at the AutoDetect (even connecting to it using Hyperterm). Is it possible to use Dev Studio to program for GL6100 ? If so, how to do it ?

b) I could not find a C++ example to do it. All I could see were AT command to use the serial port as a commander to the unit. Remember that I need to use the serial port as a communication port to my device. Is that really possible to do ?

c) My C++ will have to handle at least serial reads/writes, some data persistance (for data saving and later transmission) and socket commands (open, close, read, write). Am I going to be able to perform that using this unit ?

So, if all of my questions are feasable, how to start from and how to make it work in that way ? Examples ? Manuals ?

If not, probably I did a wrong choice back there… In that case would Sierrra have a hardware that would allow me to do what I need ?

Thanks in advance for help and responses.