Regarding programming and developer studio

Hi, i am new to sierra wireless modems.
Presently i am using GL6100 modem.
I read in datasheet that GL6100 is programmable. But i dint get how it is programmed and for which purpose i can use that programmability. I browsed Sierra resources but did not get any help other than that programming can be done with Developer studio. Please help me regarding programmability of GL6100.
Any link for documents can be helpful.


In much the same way that a microcontroller is programmed - by writing code in ‘C’ (or C++) and downloading that to the “target”.

Do you have any experience with embedded microcontrollers?

The whole point of programming is that it lets you achieve your purpose - whatever that might be!

Well, here’s some examples:

Although they refer specifically to Fastrack modems, the principles & process are the same for GL6100.

This one does specifically refer to GL6100:

See also:

I would strongly suggest that you discuss your requirements with your Distributor - they may even be able to help you with training, consultancy, etc…

About the Open-AT Application Framework: … _framework

Developer Studio: … ework.aspx … %20started

The Developer Zone: