I will pay someone for help


My name is Mike Burkons. I have approx. 30 raven xe v2221e and I am having issues with some of them. It is impossible to get someone on the phone from Sierra Wireless who can walk me though and trouble shoot some of my issues. I don’t think there is anything wrong with the units but I think I did something wrong in the set up. I will pay someone who can help me.

Here is my questions. Is there someone I can talk to over the phone who can walk me through and trouble shoot these problems. I don’t mind paying but I am very frustrated I am not able to talk to anyone.

Please respond.

Mike Burkons
Founder & President – Charitee Golf LLC.
216.832.6771 § 216.916.9310 (F)


I am afraid you have to contact your distributor for this.
Support for AirLink Aleos topics have been stoppped till further notice.


If your local Distributor can’t help themselves, they may be able to recommend someone…

Thank you. I will reach out to my distributor. If anyone knows of someone who understands the Raven XE well, please let them know I am more than willing to pay them to help me trouble shoot.

Quick question to anyone out there. One one of my raven’s the username and password was changed and is no longer user and 12345. The problem is I have no idea what it is? How can I change reset it to the default when I can’t get into ACE Manager at all bc I don’t have the new username and password?