Hung up RV50 - Flashing green network light- manual reset required


Hello, I have two RV50 gateways that usually work well, however- when the modems lose power / are rebooted it they often get hung up in connecting to network (flashing green network light- flashes are: on green 2-3 seconds, off, repeat- Power = solid green; Signal = solid green; activity= infrequent green flashes ) during this condition there’s no cell communication and i’m unable to access ACEmanager via direct Ethernet connection to gateway. The gateway stays in this condition indefinitely (2 weeks+).

In order to resolve this (and connect to the ACEmanager via Ethernet) I need to reset the gateway a number of times until the network light stays green- the number of resets required seems to be random.

… any idea what could be is causing this?

Current versions:
Radio- MC7354_GENNA- UMTS_55580
Network= Bell Canada


did you down rev the aleos and see if its behaving the same?
Got a case open with support? i’m curious to find out what’s causing this too.