How to upload a C script onto a Fastrack FTX002


How do i upload a script i made from C onto a fastrack modem. the script basically send out an SMS once the unit goes into backup power


Open-AT is not a scripting system!

An Open-AT application is a compiled, native executable.

You build & download the executable using the Developer Studio.


You mean a script i made from C will not run on a fastrack device if i did not package it in the developer studio? So once i have the script packaged how can i upload it onto the fastrack device?


Again, it is not a script - it is the source code for a native executable.

The correct term is “Build”.

Building involves compiling the ‘C’ source code, linking, and then “packaging” into the .DWL downloadable format.

As I told you before: … ework.aspx


now its clear… i’ve managed to install the developer studio and i will build the C code to a .dwl… your input really helped


hi i have managed to build the source code into a DWL file format…and managed to download it via dveloper studio under Target Management TAB… Now my question is how do i verify that i have downloaded the file into the modem without the aid of the developer studio? Is there an AT open command that i should know?

#7 … WNLOAD.pdf – how to download upload DWL files into the modem follow the steps



You should also consider your application providing its own indication…


Best way to load a script to the modem is by Developer Studio


Well done - you got there at last!

Now just to get you out of that bad habit of calling it a “script”…


LOL thanks awneil … yeah its a code